I can only aim 180 degrees in my sidescroller mobile game

I have a small problem I’ve tried to fix it for 2 days but I can’t find any tutorials that can help me.

I’m making a sidescroller mobile game but I can only aim 180 degrees with the mobile joystick and I can’t get the charackter to turn 360 degrees

I upload a video so that you can better understand my problem


If I do it without the mobile phone joysticks it works
i hope that somebody can help me to make it work on a mobile phone like in the video below

That’s the skeleton making sure you don’t break the spine of your character! lol

With the functionality you’re trying to create, you’ll likely need to figure out where the position of that joystick is. If it gets past (x) then you’ll need to flip your character the other direction. Maybe someone else can chime in on how to accomplish this

If you use the right joystick to go right a little while still aiming, you’ll see kind of what it should look like. Your character should turn around and thus be able to use the other 180 degrees.

Just saw the second link, seems like you already know what it should look like. Definitely look into how to check the rotation/position of the joystick. Might be able to access this where the input for the joystick is.