I can not get spawn actor right

Hello people, I seem to be not able to use this node correctly.

It is okay when I set this up to my character which is Third Person Character Blueprint by default.
However, I want it to get the location of my weapon. So i set the whole thing up into my weapon… And then nothing seems to work.
My weapon is a weapon which you attach it to a socket once the game starts with Event Begin Play node.


Well, the graph seems fine at a first glance. Is the input event fired? I would debug and see if you actually reach the SpawnActor node.

You may need to EnableInput for your Rifle, or much better, route input through the Pawn.

So go Pawn->FireWeapon->Weapon->SpawnActor

Thank you in advance, can you tell me how to do it? It probably is not enabled.

Something like this:


Thank you for your help, I could not get it right but still thanks. I will try another solutions if I can find some.
It worked but it wasn’t shooting from the right position. I will see if I can find anything. If there are people who knows the solutions please help.

Regarding the right transform, you problably want to look into Sockets.
You can just ask for Mesh->GetSocketTransform and pass that to the SpawnActor function.