I am trying to do some work in a Bluetility and cannot understand why I don't have undo...

I want to make a bluetility that allows my artists and designers to add some jitter to static meshes, IE: random rotate, scale, and translation to a bunch of selected static meshes. I have most of that working but if it turns out really bad, I have no undo. I imagine that I don’t get undo because of the bluetility, but am not sure what to do to get that working. Does anyone have experience with this or have ideas as to what to do?



You can build your own undo easily - create a new transform variable and call it “OriginalTransform” and just before your custom event does the “jitter” save the actor’s transform to that variable and then do the jitter. Then, create a new custom event called Undo. Undo simply sets the actor’s transform to OriginalTransform.

This will give you 1 undo only though.

Hope this helps!