I am restarting my "Unreal engine and c++ from beginners up" series!

Hey everyone!
I have been making a “Unreal engine and c++ from beginners up” series recently and decided to restart it due to various reasons!
So I hope to improve the content I bring you and to be more clear (I have learnt a lot by doing that previous series, and hope to improve a lot this one :))
So anyhow, I was thinking with a “new” series comes a new thread! here is the old one for anyone interested:
So anyhow, where is the content? Well, I will try to keep a scedule of 3 uploads a week, most of which are going to be unreal, so here is the playlist I will be trying to add them to this playlist(please remind me if I forget :P) So please, if you have any suggestions, tell me! I am open to change! (although it may not directly apply as I will pre-record quite some stuff due to school etc)
So if you want a free way to learn c++ and unreal from beginners up, please just take a look and give me feedback if you want!


Added 2 more video’s!

Cool, I think you can make these videos longer and show some results at the end of each episode

Hmmmm, thanks for your suggestion! I have a video that is I think more like your suggestion, it is coming up soon!, when it is up I will try to get back to you to see if that is what you want! Thanks again for your feedback!

cool cool!, i hope this endeavor last! i have quite a few viewers from my streams always asking about getting started with with C++ in Unreal, nice to be supplies with another avenue for learning!! keep up the great job!

Thanks! Comments like yours sure do motivate me! :slight_smile: I will try to keep it up the best I can!

I have an episode in this series up that I think that I got the results on the end like this:! I am still working on longer episodes, and I think a video, not related to this series,, is probably the format you want, please let me know if I should try and make my video’s more like that in the future, although long may not allays be possible due to the fact that I want to cover 1 main topic in a video :slight_smile:

Well that was just a suggestion :stuck_out_tongue: if you are making tutorial you can make some kind of showing results of your code, summary of covered topic at the end of video (for example print hello word) ofc if possible. Keep up the good work.

I am trying my best! And suggestions is what i have to improve :slight_smile: @Sadaleus So thanks sooo much :slight_smile:

So anyhow the other reason I am posting this is to tell you all that starting soon all my code will be available on this github profile(all HangManGame video’s after the github video): How2Compute (How2Compute) · GitHub I hope this will be able to help if you somehow have different code or something!

Hello everyone,
I am back from a really long break to bring you part 10 of this series about functions! Please check it out here!
I tried some differences in editing it, so please let me know what you all think :slight_smile:
Again sorry about the probably like 2 month break or something, I got demotivated etc, I am trying to get a little more constant in uploading these again, so stand by!
-SomeOneInt aka HowToCompute