I am new and need some help

Hi all

I bought a building from turbosquid for use in a first person shooter, it has an interior this is why i bought it, have loaded it into the level and can’t seem to go inside.

any help would be much appreciated, i am new to this and really need help, below is link to what i bought if that helps


Thanks in advance


Open up the mesh in Content Browser and go to Collision > Remove Collision. Then pick Use Complex Collision as Simple in Details Panel > Static Mesh tab > Collision Complexity.

I think You Should Remove the collision of the object becouse 4.5 imports collision enebled.

Or you should export the same model with ucx_model name duplicated and renamed in and both imported after that will have exact mesh boundry collision.

Good Luck.

As already mentioned, use the “use complex as simple” -> in this video you can find other ways how to create a collision: :slight_smile: