I am making a Archviz on how to archive photorealism inside of UE4

Hello everyone!

My name is Tiago Rodrigues and I have created a kickstarter for a course on Archviz for Unreal Engine 4
Link to the Kickstarter:

If you have the time, please have a look at the project and if you find it interesting please help me by sharing or supporting it if you can!

Any questions you have, you can post it here and I’ll be answering as quick as I can :slight_smile:

I am a bit confused. The course is labeled photorealism, which literally means “degree of realism high enough the end product can be mistaken for a photograh”, yet the attached image is far from meeting that criteria.

In general, I am seeing an odd trend in recent years where less and less skilled people are trying to make courses. Maybe I am old fashioned but I still think courses should be made by people who have gained substantial skills and experience in their respective field.

So honestly I don’t think you have much chance of funding a course given that there’s already tons of free UE4 learning content out there with output quality superior to what you’ve shown.


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