I am losing my sanity, replication bug

I am adding local offset on server, but the change is replicated on the clients even though no actor in my project has replicate movement on. This bug starts when I attach this actor to my player pawn.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

what is “is server”? Are you sure “is server” is false on client?

Im not sure, but now you are adding local offset 100x per second… Is it desired?

This is just a test to narrow down the problem. It appears to be a bug because it does not happen if I select to use a different editor instance for clients

Now i know probably what you want to do… Hmm i would try to add that offset through “run on owning client” RPC

It is an engine function, not mine. It is always false on clients

hmmmm - Just to clarify:

Your desire is to move the actor on the server, and intentionally have it be out of sync with the client?