I am looking for Kevin Mitchel's topic showing off various blueprint fuctions

Hi! Some time ago on unreal engine forums I have seen some very helpful, very long topic with blueprint function samples ( with the description of way they were done ) that was created by this guy :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oj4kWUIFcMI . I am browsing the forums for few days with no success… Maybe some one knows what I am talking about and can remind me ( show the link to topic ) ?

Two seconds, I’ll find the link for you.

Edit:THIS](Blueprint: Helpful BP Functions - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums) one?

Note: The documentation search box (HERE: Unreal Engine 4 Documentation | Unreal Engine Documentation) searches not only the documentation, but also the Blueprint API, AnswerHub and the forums :slight_smile: - I used it to find the thread in question (Searched: “BP Functions”) :>

Yes indeed it is!!!

Thank you for the link and for the tips :slight_smile: