I am facing installation issues reagrding nvidia


i am trying for last couple of days to install the nvidia package for deploying game on the android devices , following the instructions given in the engine , but i am failing to do so . It is behaving abnormally , it says downloading xyz number of files out of 100000 bytes and then the number of files in xyz surpasses the number of files it has to download i.e 100000 bytes and later it crashes some way or the other please help me with this issue a live support will be much appreciated .

p.s:attaching a screenshot of the latest crash .



Howdy airpush_sdk,

Thank you for reporting this issue. Are you experiencing this issue in the editor or are you seeing this error when packing a game?

If this is occurring when using the NVIDIA setup pack, You may want to contact NVIDIA as we do not offer support for their products. Here is a link to their Support page: NVIDIA Customer Support

Thanks and have a great day!

yes this is coming when i am packaging the game
it says u are missing some components or environment variable , but i have already got the sdk,ndk,jdk,ant and have set there environment variable as well . now please guide me as to what more i should be doing

Howdy Airpush

Even though this error is occurring when packaging, I still believe that this would still be an Nvidia issue. First thing I would try is to uninstall all drivers and then re-install so that you may be able to retest this issue (this tutorial may help with your setup: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Platforms/Android/GettingStarted/1/index.html ) . If that does not work, I would contact Nvidia’s support and see if they may be able to help you with your error.


hi sean it will be very help full if u can ask nvidia guys to look into the issue coz i tried after reinstallation of all still the same problem .

Hey airpush,

there is a link to their support page above in first post. That would be the best way to get in touch with Nvidia. They will be able to provide you with more information then I would be able to as the crash does not occur within UE4.

Thanks and have a great day!