I am facing an Issue after re-targeted the character animation

Hi guys, could anyone tell me please how to solve this issue? after I retargeted the animation, the character and the camera rotated and if you noticed in the attached file that the hit target is straight but the character is rotated, I will really appreciate if someone can guide me with this issue and to tell me about the solution for it. Thank you very much indeed.

Did the character face the right way before you did the retarget?

What do the retarget base poses between the two characters look like?

If you click on Mesh (Inherited) in the viewport of your character blueprint, are there any transforms or rotations on it?

Hi Tazlemon, Thanks for your help, yes I targeted the character in the correct pose direction and everything was fine until I added the new animations in blend space , I deleted the existing old one and I replaced them with the new one, the thing still some animations keys from the previous animation I am not sure if it is the cause of this issue or something else. I changed also before the mesh rotation and the soldier look straight when he is standing but while running he does curves to the right and also with the jump he rotates 90 degrees.

If I’ve understood that correctly, you have some old animations and some retargeted animations together in the same blendspace? So in the blendspace, when you blend between the old animations and the new animations do you see any strange rotations happening there?

If the problem animations are the ones that you have retargeted I wonder if the retarget has happened correctly. Have you looked at these Retargeting Options on the skeleton?

Show Retargeting Options.jpg

I’ve had an issue like this before, are you using max? if the two characters are at different angles it can do stuff like this, make sure they are both facing the same way in max before exporting them.