Hypothetical Q, Paper Mario TTYD, Which One?

Hello World,
I am simply here to open my mind a little about the engine. I plan to see if I can get the assets (long shot) from The Thousand Year Door and recreate/remaster it in the Unreal Engine. If it does succeed then the question is, which blueprint should I use? Looking at all these blueprints I start to narrow my choices very quickly. If I don’t get it? Well I’m just learning a few things here and there.

Side scrollers - It is very similar to Mario in a few ways. Just the idea of a 2d version, but then again he also moves all directions. This is one of the first one because it can blend 2d and 3d
Third Person - By using third person I can imagine it being a lot easier. The player can move easily around and I could just limit the camera movements.
Blank - Start from nothing?

Prepare to get C&D’d by Nintendo.

Paper Mario is 3D, not 2D. The Character is just a plane, nothing more, the Camera is semi fixed into one direction.
The Templates won’t help you here, you should start from scratch.