Huge Music Sale

What is up my Unreal Community!

My name is Christopher Benton better known as Dark Krow the Producer. I am a music producer from the U.S looking to sell my beats to any and everyone. Luckily exclusive to my Unreal community I am letting my beats go to you guys for great prices. I am releasing my catalog to you guys under these conditions,

  1. Commercial, personal use ( I still own rights to the beats purchased but you have permission to use them as please, DO NOT EDIT)
  2. You will Recieve one MP3 and High Quality Wav
  3. Give Credit

You can use these beats in your games, youtube videos, etc. below are the prices :eek:

1 beat: Intro ( 30 seconds ) $15
2 beats: Intro (30 seconds) $25
3 beats: Intro (30 Seconds) $30

1 Full: $20
2 Full: $25
3 Full: $30

Custom: Meaning I make the beat from scratch exclusively for you

Full: $50

Intro: $35

Below is my catelog, if you want to hear more just email me or text

P.S: No I do not have free music, this is the cheapest sell that any producer of my level and experience will give. Disregard the Playlist Names: