Hud mini map. Non camera based.

Static radar to blueprint. A radar that is not using a camera or your location to draw where people are. The map is a defined size of the entire map.

Determine the viewable map in units i.e. 18,000x18,000.

Place a map actor at what will be concidered the corner so all lengths are a positive.

Get player distance to that in x and y.

Divide distance by max of 1800. To get location in units for scale of a 0-1 scale. Ie. If I am at 900x900 would equate to .5x.5

Multiple this by the size of the hud size of say a 512x512 to get 256x256.

Draw a dot on the HUD element at that location.

Sound about right?

I can replicate this vector and figure out a way to have a update get location of all actors of classes thier radar vector to draw on HUD?

Your best bet for this is C++ and drawing to some texture.