HUD Material and Actor Billboard Material not the same ...


I have a perplexing issue at the moment and I can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve searched high and low, attempted to modify unreal files as well and corrupted my install somehow in the process. Attempted tweaks and well long story short it’s just not working and any advice or thoughts will be highly appreciated.

My problem is I am using a duplicated material so the nodes are EXACTLY the same in the event graph for the material however when the material is used in a HUD object and drawn with Draw Material Simple … vs a billboard material component added to an actor, the color differences are very noticeable.

As you can see there is no post process, no lighting at all … just a blank map with the “cube” actor with a billboard material component and the HUD being rendered …
The top bar is the actor billboard material and the bottom bar is the HUD. Somehow the HUD image is darker and I have no idea why … :confused:

The reason is because the HUD version is drawn without any Post-Processing applied, whereas in-world billboard components are just like meshes and rendered as part of the main pass. They therefore change colour slightly because of tonemapping and whatnot.

The HUD one is probably the most ‘pure’ version / accurate representation of what you’ve made, but there have been some colour issues with UMG / HUD elements that are fixed in 4.9 (sRGB stuff).

If you want the in-world one to look identical to the HUD version, you could use a 3D Widget Component instead - which is essentially an in-world HUD element but renders as part of the Slate pass I believe.