HUD Health display using Hearts

I’m working on a paper2d platformer. In there I’m stuck at a health display using hearts. I want to have two/one full hearts. When a player gets damaged an amount of the hearts get emptied. Example: 2 Hearts - gets damaged, 1.5 Hearts - gets damaged - 1 heart - gets damaged 0.5 hearts - dies.

Im currently using Images for the hearts, but cant change them. That might be because I can’t select any asset when using SET in the Graph function of the HUD. If you know a solution for that, or know a different approach that might work please tell me!

Please help, thanks!

Have you considered making alpha masks out of your graphics and putting them into an UMG widget? You could then segment a few panels to mimic the effect of losing half hearts for every tick of damage.

Of course it could be that you’re doing exactly this already.