HUD elements rendering as solid black

Hi folks,

I’m having some issues with my first attempt at working on HUD elements that use materials (I want to build an overlay).

I followed a tutorial on Youtube which showed you the basics, drawing a red square using a material in the top left hand corner of the screen) but when I follow the tutorial my square is black!

I did a Google search and find an answer relating to selecting whether the material is lit or unlit, however after trying both neither seem to work.

I already have a HUD in my game mode thanks to the first person shooter template but the only way I can get anything to show up is if I tack it on to the end of the existing crosshair blueprint.

What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks.


What are attempting to do?

What material are you using and does it do it with other materials?


I’m just using a placeholder material atm that uses a texture from an image I had on my desktop that happened to be power of 2. Every other material I try also does the same thing.

Have you tried just using a widget?


Hmm not familiar with widgets at all. Do you have any tutorials you would recommend?