HUD Animation Not Triggering

Okay, so how exactly am I doing this wrong with triggering the HUD to animate? What I’ve done is shown in the screenshots, but basically to explain the functionality of the HUD so far:

  • When your energy is depleted you are unable to use any more skills and your energy is set into “Recharge Mode” where you can’t use any skills until the gauge is fully restored. Which works totally as I planned it to
  • While in Recharge Mode the VE Gauge changes from it’s Yellowish-Orange color to Purple to indicate it’s in Recharge Mode. This is the part that I cannot get to work. I’ve done many different ways to debug this process.


This is the HUD in normal mode

HUD in Recharge Mode:


The HUD’s Event Graph which shows that I’ve created a function that stores the animation as a variable so I can call it in the ThirdPersonCharacter:

The event graph for ThirdPersonCharacter which has the Animation called with a reference to the Mia Widget in the middle of the blueprint:

The main problem I’m having is that the Recharge Mode works perfectly, but the animation doesn’t play. What the HUD animation really is doing is basically hiding the original Yellowish-Orange bar, and then making the purple bar visible and then when the gauge is at 100% it changes back into it’s yellow-orange color.