HTML5 without internet access

I am testing the UE4 to embed the Projects into our LMS (Learning Management System) in our School.
The first test to Export a small Project to HTML5, put it at my home Computer on a virtual machine (Linux with Apache web Server)
and see the result with Chrome Browser was not a Problem. It worked perfect.

But when I disconnect from Internet and try to load the page with Chrome I get nothing. It seems the Project will download additional
data from outside of my Network. Is that right?

Is there a possibility to host the generated HTML5-Project on a Network without Internet Access as our School Network doesn’t have
Access to it.

Thank you for any advice.

I think I found the answer by my own.
In the Header of the starting html-page are links to jquery and css Pages with the Minimum required scripts. The easiest way should be to host These scripts
on the own webserver aside the UE4-Projects and Change the Project links to the own webserver.