HTML5 : Streaming big content

Hi all,

While Forum Admin create HTML5 subforum, I’m posting here my question. My UE html5 project weight is big, around 200mb. Is there a mechanism to avoid user to download the full package in web browser cache before displaying something ?
If I have to handle this point, have you some tips to share ?

Thanks in advance.

I’m guessing in time it will support streaming and compression. I think all you can do is optimise your project. Try to use PBR values instead of maps, lower the lightmap file resolution, and make sure geometry is only as dense as it needs to be. If 4.8 has dynamic lighting working in htm5 that means no lightmaps which will cut down size.


I have grazed over previously asked questions in our AnswerHub and stumbled upon this post, which helped a few people. Keep in mind that they’re working out of 4.6 however, it’s possible that this is still an option for you: How to reduce HTML5 package size? - UE4 AnswerHub

However, if this does not resolve your packaging size issue, please feel free to submit a question to our Answerhub and we’ll assist you further.


Another way of ‘streaming’ is to use the load the packages from a network file system, it should work in HTML5 but requires some love to get done properly. I started a small plugin a while ago (yeah it’s not updated :P) which is able to load a package from a network location: GitHub - moritz-wundke/AsyncPackageStreamer: Simple plugin giving you the ability to load PAK files from the local FS or a remote one.