HTF do I get a cube attached to a VR pawn to rotate in multiplayer on both client and server?

Hi loosing my mind a little, have read many forum posts and seen videos and read all the unreal docs.
What Im trying to do is get my = pawn, based on VirtualRealityBP motion controller pawn to have a cube that rotates when the HDM rotates. After many different approaches im now trying the RepNotify function but i cant get client pawns cube rotation to show up on the server. The client can see both her own and the server cube rotating

The pawn is set up like this

and the replicated Camera updates a replicated variable ‘Cube rotation’ which is set to RepNotify.
In the OnRep_Cuberotation function the cubes rotation is set to the Cube Rotation variable, like this …


So runing a listen server, on the server I can see the cube rotating with the hmd, on the client machine i can see botth the client cube and servers cubes rotating, but i cant see the client cube rotating from the server. I thought that " RepNotify provides a Function that is called that executes on both the Server and Client machines whenever the variable it is attached to updates."

So whats up?

Why the absolute fudge is it so fricking hard to get the variable from the client?

ok thanks i will try that like this right now

Ok in the end implementing a version of a solution from eXi actually worked. I cannot believe that it needs to be this complex to do this…WTAF