HTC VIVE Pick Up and Drop in UE4 version 4.13

Hello guys,

I have been trying to figure out how to pick up and drop a static mesh BP by following this youtube video “Creating Interactions in VR with Motion Controllers”. However, AttachToCompnent and DetachFromActor do not work for me. I alweys get error from them. I have tried using other options for Attach and Detach but still don’t work. The blue prints are in attached picture. I would like to get input from you guys how make this works. Also, I checked overlapping event and it works well.

Thank you

It looks to me like you aren’t passing the component from the collision event to specify the item being collided. The Epic content examples have VR template that I think you will find very useful for this matter. That’s where I started reading and learning about the VR systems and content.