HTC Vive and multiplayer game problem.

We have some problem with multiplayer using vive.
There are two situations:

  1. (Working) Pawn with a camera following HMD transform (Lock to HMD is checked). Pawn has no mesh component. Multiplayer works, updates everything (AI, Env). No lagging.
  2. (Not working) Pawn with a camera and a mesh component. The mesh component isn’t linked directly to the camera as we want it to follow only z-rotation of the camera so we update the mesh component’s transform on tick event in eventgraph and replicate it to a server. In this case we get a huge lagging in multiplayer updates. Especially all our AI actors jump from location to location randomly.

It looks like adding a mesh component and updating it affects data transfer and clients do not get their updates in time for their actors.

Has anyone got experience with such a problem ?