How would you adjust animation to always hit a target?


Been curious about this. Without using something like ikinema, what would be the UE4 equivalent of always hitting your target? For example a creature always biting the same place?
So your entire animation needs to update a little to move your character into place and adjust.

Something like the stuff you see here

I did consider just signing up for Ikinema but thats another $20 subscription.

You could use a lookat with a 2d blendspace. X-left/right. Y-up forward/down forward. Use a layered blend per bone. Just an idea similar to the content example for aiming. You could also use the two bone ik system example used in content examples. You could probably implement both solutions in less time than $20 is earned.

Cool thx. Will investigate those options.
Its not so much the $20 that puts me off but the fact that it would be way more in the end. But if it root motion works correctly in Ikinema i might actually go this route.
Just waiting to hear what epic found regarding the bug report on root motion.

I must say though… this ikinema is very tempting.