How would one go about matchmaking based on skill?

How would you build a matchmaking system that semi-accurately matches players together based on how well they perform on average?

Hi @Bits360 I’m also interested in skill-based matchmaking for hosting Cash-driven Tournaments. You can find more general info on the topic with a search on Google.I found some common skill algorithms: Glicko,Elo. Some games use custom matchmaking algorithm that takes into account stats like time played, score per minute, and Kill/Death Ratio (KDR). I would also take in consideration the various cheat techniques and ‘underplay’ in which players can under perform to dominate lower skill tournaments.

Overall its analytics. One Idea I’m pondering over is to implement AI-driven qualification maps as a 3 in 1 solution for tutorial/training ground/skill testing. So I’m basically going to present the player with a Test to test skill level, just you would any other subject matter that needs to ascertain skill level.