How would I use a camera just for looking out a window?

I can not program for the life of me or use blueprints like a professional, nor do I want to. I just want to do the designing and other parts, even though programming is highly useful. With that said, how would I get text to show up saying “press X to…” then use a camera, control the camera, and lastly pressing a button to go back to using my main character. Please & Thanks

My suggest is that you set up a custom player controller blueprint which define what happen when you press X. Then beside your current character blueprint, create another blueprint called WindowCamera that has a camera and the control that you want After implement all those blueprint and function. drag one WindowCamera to your screne and put it where you want. Then when you press X, check your current actor, if that is your main character, switch to WindowCamera (used the Possess node of player controller), and vice versa.

I actually just used matinee instead, looks better to me