How would i make this work?

Okay so I started working on a space project, i got a few basic things done then decided i need to texture a few things. I got a 4k texture of the moon and me not knowing anything about texturing just threw it on there with a normal map i made. I quickly realized this was not good at all and i have no idea what i’m doing. I have done some reading and digging for about an hour and still have no idea how to make this work.

So here is the material in game applied to the moon(this is the top of it, i also need to make it so this does not happen)


And here is the BP of the material


The issue i have is up close it looks terrible. From far away it looks great but the character will be on the moon so i need it to look good close up!

The problem you have is with the UV’s of the mesh itself, + the texture is not made to suit the current UV on the mesh.

What do you plan to use this for? SO the player can walk around the entire moon?
If your player is going to be walking around on the surface, i would ditch the idea of doing the entire moon as its just not feasible. Use a landscape actor instead.

Also, its the material editor, not the blueprint editor.

Why would i have to ditch that idea? I have everything set up so the play can walk around the moon

ok, Then you need to create better UV’s for your moon.

If you’re using blender, this is the sort of thing you need to do
It might also be better using a cube, spherify that and create a new texture for it.

Thanks for the help, ill figure it out some how :slight_smile:

Here you go. Just quickly put this together.

Essentially, you make a cube, mark the edges, as if you are making a paper cutout of a box on a piece of paper. Then unwrap it.
You want to end up with something like this

Then, back to you mesh. You want to subdivide it as much as you want. To get the end result looking smooth. The subdivide should keep the boxes shape 100%

Then spherify that cube 100%.

Depends what program you use, but I managed to do this in blender with very little effort.

Feel free to use those files however you like.

Thank you for your help! I have been working on this to try and figure it out for a while now. Hopefully this can give me a boost to get it finished! :slight_smile: