How would I go about starting this? If even possible in UE4

What you are looking at in the diagram above is essentially a sequencer or sampler channel strip like on a drum machine.

There is the essential controls, the 16 buttons that each light when pressed, and if selected, the loaded sample plays when its time comes based on the tempo in the display.

And a progress bar above, in this case another set of 16 boxes, the exception here is these buttons cannot be pressed and only one button lights at a time indicating the position of the loop currently which will loop over once it hits the end. The light of the progress bar moves in steps from left to right like lights on a Christmas tree.

In this case imagine having samples of a high hat, a kick or bass drum, and a snare drum or clap.

The whole thing above would be just one channel or channel strip, more than one of these could be added, to create more intricate loops. Like a small plus or minus icon at the button (not shown in diagram) to be used to add or take away channel strips.

Loops start and stop by the keyboard space bar.

I don’t know much about widgets, but there seems to exist the needed things there like buttons and “synth knobs” for the volume and pan knobs.

That last button on the right, I want to do something like in Blender with an array modifier, that is copy and paste the button X amount of times in a certain direction, and at a certain distance that it might have a uniform look to it all.

I found a plug in on the marketplace that I think could be used to help me achieve loading audio samples at runtime. Runtime Audio Importer in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

Maybe it can or can’t don’t know. But essentially the “game” or app would need to be able to load an audio sample, and I suppose hold it in memory or store it somewhere where it can be called on each consecutive loop of the sequencer that starts and stops by pressing the space bar.

The tempo above all is in beats per minute and can be raised or lowered by buttons located on the right side of the tempo box. To keep things simple I suppose only whole numbers (for now) and not decimals therefore integers.

Any thoughts, opinions, or even walk through tutorials about this topic are greatly appreciated, thanks!

Have you seen this doc?

I haven’t tried it, but I believe UE can now work with audio at a sample level, so this sort of thing is defintely possible. You’re on the right track ( pun intended ).

Hehe, thanks I will check it out!