How would I go about making a skeletal mesh grow progressively throughout a game?


This is my first time posting in the forums. I’m new to UE4, but I have 2 years of experience with game development. If I’m not using these forums correctly, please let me know.

So basically, what I’d like to do is have a skeletal mesh shapeshift/morph into another mesh over the game’s playcycle (~5 hours). One mesh being a young wolf cub and one being an adult wolf cub, to simulate the cub growing up subtly. Is there a good way to do this without creating more than 2 meshes?

I hope I said everything clearly. Thanks in advance! :upside_down_face: :blush:

Not really/depends on quality needed.

You can play somewhat with the fur if you do fur right - because it hides a lot.
But overall shrinking/morphing a moving mesh or enlarging it is problematic (at best).

As I’m sure you are aware changing bone sizes in an animation causes stretching of the mesh and various other artifacts.
Even adding corrective morphs to increase the thickness linearly on the normals in relation the the bone size is bound to cause some problems/artifacts. (Which hopefully a good groom can hide?)

That said,
If you scale the root bone directly or the whole mesh in BP, it should scale - this can maybe make it work for some stages of growth where the mesh is virtually identical.

Puppy to young adult for a wold is probably the hardest transition.

You could try combining that out with a morph setup if you have several weeks or even months to spend refining it…