How would I change my player character into another one when it hits one object or two at the same time?

What would I put into blueprints? Would I have ti create a separate blueprint for each form? The only difference would be the sprite type. In paper2d.

Thanks! I will try that, i’m guessing I would have to destroy the old controller or would that happen when I unpossess it?

You could easily switch the character with Get Player Controller > Unpossess and Possess (Selecting the new character) - But I have not tried this in Paper2D. Theatrically it should be identical.

So when player hits two objects (Store as an int or array), unposess and possess a new character.

You could have the flipbook or character to simply change mesh if they are the same skeleton however, I’d recommend taking a look at my “Character Selection Screen” template on - It might help you out (It might not though ;P)

However, read this: and check out the Content Example. It will definitely help you out :wink: