How useful is the EPIC Animation and Rigging Toolkit (ART) Plugin for Maya? should I then learn Maya

Looking for a software to learn, I have many options these days. Money is not a concern

With that said should I go for Blender, Maya or MODO? what are the benefits of Animation and Rigging Toolkit (ART) for Maya and UE4? how important would you all class it?

I looked at Blender but boy is the GUI UGLY!!!

MODO is the prettiest out of all

Maya and 3ds Max are used the most in the industry, ART is not a necessary tool it’s just something to help Maya users. For example, many of the features can be done using Biped or CAT in 3ds Max which is why ART isn’t necessary for 3ds Max.

If you check the Infiltrator demo from UE, you could appreciate the dreadlocks from the main character thanks to it’s seleton which was , i assume, made with ART.

To be fair, i’m learning this tool right now, but it opens a lot of possibilities to me, who is not familiar with advanced skeletal mesh.

If money is irrelevant: Maya