How type of collisions how I have to put to my pawn?

I have a pawn that is a dog as a principal character of my game. I want to put some colisions in him. The capsule collision it’s not appropiate so i tried to do a static mesh from the skeletalmesh and put the collisions in there. It have 2 collisions, a capsule collider for the body, and a sphere collisions for the head. This static mesh is the root of my dog pawn. The collisions didn’t work as well as I thought, because sometimes when collision with something, the pawn stop moving and I have to stop the game and play again.

I tried to put a Capsule collision as a root of my pawn. It worked perfectly witout problems, but as I said earlier, the capsule is not appropiate, so I deduce that the problem is in the static mesh that I use as a root.

Is this the best way to put a collision in the pawn that is not a capsule or sphere colision?

please I’m going crazy with this.

Have you tried creating your own “custom” collisions in whatever 3D modeling software you used to create your dog? That would give you the best collision geometry.