How Two Block-All Capsule Collision React To Each Other If They Are Overlapped Since BeginPlay?

Hi Community,

I’m new to UE4 Collision system. And my question is like my titles says, how do two block-all capsule collision react to each other if they are overlapped since BeginPlay?

The context is that I have a character and one capsule collision doesn’t really fit the shape of the SkeletalMeshComponent of this character. So I decide to use two Capsule Collision on this character to fit its shape.

And I set the collision presets to Block-All as I don’t want the character pass through other things. So now I’m confused that those two Capsule Collision are identical to each other and they should try to block each other if I set them both to block-all. But since I manually put them overlap with each other in blueprint. They can’t block each other since BeginPlay. I wonder if this would put bad effect on gameplay or it doesn’t matter.

I was guessing if they will generate thousands message in every second about “two object are blocking each other but they are overlapped now”, or something similar to this, which I’m not sure if it would give a bad impact on gameplay.

I can agree with your “guess”. The impact however, I don’t know how it would affect the gameplay.

Are you refering to the capsule collider used by the movement component? Because that doesn’t have to fit the character at all lol. The movement collider is basically always just a capsule. Character hitboxes are a bunch of other colliders, that you set up in a PhysicsAsset for the given character. Check out the default UE Mannequin character for reference.