How to work around broken/limited reflections?

While I am all for Screen space reflections there are some very serious limitations to their use and this dx11 limitation of 128x128 for cubemap reflections means that they are out of the question for anything but blurry or smudged surfaces. Does anyone have a work around for this to create true accurate and very detailed reflective surfaces that aren’t SSRR? I’m a bit surprised that one of the most advanced engines in the world is brought to it’s knees by something as simple as a mirror and am hopeful that there’s something out there to work around the current limitations


You can make a mirror using a camera, a RTT Texture and a material. I can not link at work but will try when I get home to show you how I set this up. Its quite easy to do.

Forward shading is on the roadmap, which should resolve your current issues. There aren’t any work arounds I am aware of, though there are some tricks used in the cave example for the water that can be used in some instances.

A mirror using SceneRender2D does not work as its 2D not parallax corrected. I did see that Forward Rendering was indeed on the roadmap for the next two months.

Isn’t there a mirror IN the reflections demo level? I believe it works completely…

Its a small mirror which only uses a static box reflection. So no.