How to use the package after the *.uasset file in UE4Editor

How to use the package after the *.uasset file in UE4Editor?

Could you clarify your question a bit? I really do not know what you mean nor intend.

I can use *.uasset in the EXE after packing,But I want to edit it before I can pack it.

If you want to hook into the cooking process to modify your packaged assets before the build is actually packaged you would require a source build. To start looking into where would be the best place yo hook you might want to start locking that the following function:

bool UCookCommandlet::NewCook( const TArray<ITargetPlatform*>& Platforms, TArray<FString>& FilesInPath )

void UCookOnTheFlyServer::StartChildCookers(int32 NumCookersToSpawn, const TArray<FName>& TargetPlatformNames)

uint32 UCookOnTheFlyServer::TickCookOnTheSide( const float TimeSlice, uint32 &CookedPackageCount )

It wont be easy to hook into the process though.