how to use skeleton animation with custom character in ue4?

how can i use the default animation skeleton(blue characters) in unreal engine 4 for another character that i made with 3ds max ,i mean how can i rig and bone my own character?

Simply put, since it has been some time since I’ve used UDK. Planning to get back into playing around with it again.

You need to make sure the bones that are used on the model are the same name as the bones that you’ve
made so that they match and it knows which bones it needs to move to animate it, what the names are,
I can’t help you with.

Since I don’t know myself, once you have matched them up,
you need to make sure that the skeleton is also the same size as the model otherwise you’re going to
be having a problem because the model will stretch/shrink based on the bone’s positions to move the match
the original skeleton.

Hope I gave you some light on where to go.