How to use Scene Capture on Unreal?

Hi all,

I’m a noob curious VR developer, and I’ve been trying to understand how the mixed reality scene template works.
I managed to compile it from source and generate the app file, but I can only run the project as it is, I want to open the nodes and see what’s going on inside them to be able to study and understand how it does to scan, and create the plane/boxes for you to interact with. I have no clue where to start to study this, all I can find is many many useless VR courses that basically teaches you how to use the very common vr template.
This is what I’m talking a bout:

Unreal and Meta’s documentation are really poor, so hard to people become developers without proper examples on how these things work.
Much much appreciate if some could give me some help on where to look for proper info about it.