How to use OpenColorIO in Unreal Engine?

I’m just wondering if anyone know the proper way to use OCIO in Unreal Engine? I couldnt seem to find any tutorials or in-depth discussion of this anywhere.
Thank you!

Bumping this thread up to bring to some visibility to color geeks! :slight_smile:

It’s been almost a year, and nobody yet knows how to use OCIO in UE? :smiley:
4.26 promises to provide support for OCIO-driven views transformations - which sounds very cool and it’d be awesome to have more in-depth docs and tutorial documenting a few example color workflows.

You’d need to build you’re own OCIO config from the source or find one online like this. Once you’re inside Unreal make sure you have the OpenColorIO plugin enabled and then create a new “OpenColorIO Configuration” asset under miscellaneous. When you open it you should see an empty path that you should direct to your OCIO config you’ll then be able to add your desired color spaces with an input and output space such as sRGB and ACES. On the viewport UI click on where you change the viewmodes and then at the bottom there should be a Color Management tab where you can assign your config asset and then select your desired color spaces.

Noticed that a documentation page now exists so it should be more useful than my explanation.

And this thread goes into more detail.