How to Use a 1D BlendSpace as an Animation Asset for a Mesh?

So, I have an object (an actor that is a child of another base actor) that the player is able to interact with to gradually restore their health/armor. The object is intended to basically slide between two states, full and empty, and I’m currently trying to do that with a 1D Blendspace (shifting from the “Empty” and “Full” animations with the axis being the charge percentage left in the object.

I’ve got the blueprint for the object set to “Use Animation Asset” as the animation mode, and I have the 1D Blendspace selected as the animation to use. Only thing is… How do I get the animation to actually update? Even when I try to change the starting position under the animation mode selection stuff, I can’t do anything to change the slider. Is there a way to cast to the animation or something?

I was initially going to use an AnimBlueprint and have the Blendspace as the only state because I know that should work, but I can’t figure out how to cast to the Blueprint to set the necessary variable in the AnimBP. The “Try Get Pawn Owner” that comes default in the AnimBP Event Graph doesn’t give me any options to pull the variables I need,