how to transfer a d3d project to ue4 to use VR

I have a project written in d3d that I want to migrate it to ue4 to apply VR. I don’t know if there is a tool and/or easy way to do so. Is there a way to use all those d3d functions ( i.e. DrawLine) in ue4 that I can rewrite the whole code again. any help would be appreciated !!

No. You’re going to have to re-write the project (you can use the existing one as a bit of a template). UE4’s memory/object management and abstracted rendering calls don’t match D3D at all.

thanks @ExtraLifeMatt that is a lot that otherwise I would have wasted my time on google. having said that can you guide me on how I can draw my own shapes like triangles, circles, sphere actually anything I want on the screen ?
my project is a navigation system. I can draw as many planes I want to roam around the earth, can draw any shapes on the plane like radar helical sphere, can have user interface and much more.
so how can I do this all in ue4 C++ ?