How to Throw Ball Once In Characters Hand

Hello! So I have been trying to find how to throw a ball once my character picks it up. What im trying to achieve is having my character throw the ball where his crosshair is looking. I first tried making the ball act like a projectile from a gun but a lot of tutorials unfortunately require some type of gun to make the function work.
What I am trying to do, is get the character to throw the same ball it has picked up, and throw it around the level. Maybe have some type of bounce physics but that’s not as important to me at this moment.
Below I have a screenshot of the Ball’s Collision settings, A screenshot of my character’s Grab tree, and a screenshot of my character with the ball in hand
Also the Ball_BP is an Actor and the ball is a static mesh. There is a Socket that the ball is connecting to when I pick it up by pressing E.
Thank you in Advance

Did you ever get this to work?