How to tell what node names are?

How do I tell what nodes are what? The one in the picture specifically. Or just in general. I’m trying to add a mana bar next to a health bar, but idk how to change the target from health to mana. Whenever I hover over top the health target, it just pulls up a greyed out details panel. Dragging the mana variable onto the blueprint doesn’t solve this either since it doesn’t create that node. And idk what text to type in to add that node. Thanks in advance. I barely know how UE4 works apparently.

If I understand the question correctly, You should have Manna Variable Inside your Character reference you should be able to drag that out And make a switch statement or since there are only two options Make an If else statement one branch showing Health and other Manna.

The mana and health functions are two different variables needed to draw the health and mana bar, so I’m not sure how to combine them with a switch or if-else since I’m still a novice. Dragging the variable out creates a one-sided node, not the two-sided node I need. Is there a way to tell what that node is?