How to tag blueprint actors to group them and change properties

Hello everyone, so I am learning Blueprint. I have created a simple Blueprint pawn, it is a glowing box.

Then I duplicated a few times in my scene, lets say I have 3 red boxes and 2 blue boxes and 4 green boxes. I have managed to change color to each instance with an public variable. All this during development. now While playing I would like to press a button and let shay make all the red boxes to glow. I know how to make them glow but I would like to know how can I create a public variable that will let me tag each instance with a name so when I push the button it only affect the boxes with that Tag.

I have tried with Text variables and with the branch node but they are not compatible.
any ides would be appreciate.

You can use an actor tag, it’s in the details. But as they are already blueprints, a more obvious way is to bind them to an event dispatch. If you make a central controller actor ( don’t try it from the level BP ), it can dispatch the event ‘glow’, with a parameter saying what color of cube it’s talking to. All the cubes receive the message, but on the blue ones glow, for instance.

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Thank you for the answer. It is not clear to me the actual blueprint setup that you mentioned, but after reading a few times I came up ith something like the image below. It may not be optimized or the best way to do it, but it is working for what I need. I may go back and review your post again and see if I can with a proper system. but for now I need to move on.
Thanky ou for your input for sure.

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