How to synchronize animation playback positions in two subclasses of an animation blueprint?

My situation is like this: I have an Animation Blueprint class A for a Character, which defines variables and animation logic. The animation assets is then used as a Parameter. And linked a basic human skeleton α.

Then, I inherited A and make a subclass B, which linked skeleton β for Cloth, so there will be more Skirt, Cape and other bones.——Because it is impossible to predict the skeletons required by different Clothes, one skeleton cannot be applied to all Mesh.
To this end, I will replace its animation assets with skeleton β’s animation assets. In other words, corresponding to skeletons α and β, I have made two sets of animation assets (the animation duration is one-to-one corresponding to the same length), but they need the same animation logic, which is defined in animation blueprint A, so I use Animation Blueprint B to inherit A.

Assuming that the Character Mesh and the Clothes Mesh are spawn into the scene at the same time, their animation will be completely synchronized, but there is a situation where players need to change clothes. Then the player is changing their cloth will Spawn an Actor of Cloth. At the moment of Spawn Actor of Cloth, the position of the Character’s animation is not at the start. Then, the Character’s Animation continues from the middle, while the Cloth’s Animation continues from the start. This time difference will always be maintained, so the Cloth will always lag behind the Character.

I can use the clone pose to ensure the synchronization of the same parts of α and β, but the extra bones in the Cloth are completely in accordance with their own time line, rather than the Character’s time line. How to solve this problem?