How to store variables past when a player quits the game

so yes, I wanted to find a way to keep a variable, such as player experience past when the player quits the game. This is useful for for if the player wanted to keep his experience he has gained, without quitting the game and losing everything. It hasn’t really been documented outside of C++ ways of doing it. I’m interested in doing it with blueprints. I guess you would need to find the value of the variables before the player quits the game, or (Just when he saves) and stores that on a file on their computer, How would i do this?

There is a game save blueprint class, inside of which you can set up variables you want to save.

Then what you’ll do is pass values to be stored in those variables which can in turn be written out to a save game file.

When you reload the game you’ll need to have some logic in place that reads the state of these variables and sets them to the saved values.

Hello caelanim8ter,

I see you are looking to build a system that saves and loads data with blueprints. Here is a video with step by step instructions on an example.

Hope this helps.