How to start an action JUST when the mouse cursor is visible?


I’d like to enable “set render custom depth” on an actor (to outline the object) when the cursor is on that actor.

But I want that the “set render custom depth” is activated JUST when the cursor is on the actor AND my mouse cursor is set to visible. When I’m navigating the scene with my mouse cursor not visible, I want that action disabled.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Exactly , I will try with your suggestion… I don’t really know how to do it but I’ll try!
Thanks for now,

Am I missing something or you should simply ask your playercontroller wether the mouse is visible, whenever the mouseover is triggered?

Hm, I wonder if there actually is a “mouseover” event with the cursor disabled :smiley:

Thank very much, got it! I will post the screenshot soon,

I wasn’t just asking to the player controller… Yep, with the mouse cursor not visible, the elements I was pointing at, started to be outlined. Solved now, thanks very much