how to start a regular character if no HMD is detected?

I tried to set up one character that works for both VR with hmd and motion controllers and non vr with gamepad and/or mouse/keyboard and monitor, but no deal.

so I was thinking how about two different characters, a vr and a regular first person character, except the game detects if I’m using a hmd and starts the appropriate character.

should I set this up on my game mode? I think this goes a little beyond my current skills, so any help is welcome

Code switching for this in game mode. Then create two player pawns/characters, one for VR one for 3rd person or whatever. In game mode check if HMD is present and spawn correct character.
Do not code all in single character like epic does in templates, that is nice for template (you can see differences) but for actual game you are asking for total mess.

And for creating both characters use inheritance ie. create common mechanic in parent class, then make separate childs for VR and 3rd person and put there only specific to them code. This needs some serious planning what to put where.

ok so I did this, no problem, ended up working just fine with 2 different characters. the real problem now is that I want to be able to move the character around with a gamepad and/or the left motion controller stick, and use only the right motion controller stick for teleporting. when I Yaw using left thumbstick, my hands don’t rotate together with my character