How to specify gpu on runtime for packaged build

We have rendering machines here with 6 GPU’s per box and we want to run UE4 instances on each GPU so we can distribute the rendering out across all 6 gpu’s… I believe this is possible to go into the nvidia panel, manually select the gpu, then run one build, go back, select a different gpu, run another instance and so on but this is tedious… We would much rather be able to edit an .ini and run 6 instances with configured ini’s and be done with it.

Adding and modifying r.GraphicsAdapter = 4 in the ConsoleVariables.ini does nothing unfortunately, the build always comes up using the same GPU regardless… Any ideas?


This is an old unanswered question but still valid and very up to date.
I’d also like to know the answer.
I’m bumping it for visibility.

Funny enough we actually finally got around to figuring this out last week. We had to make some deep modifications to the engine source and build a custom build with a custom engine to get it working but happy to report it works fine.