How to spawn blueprints in viewport via blueprint?

Hey Unrealdevs,

at first I’d like to say I’m a Level Designer, who has no C++ knowledge (more than the basics) whatsoever.

I want to make a procedural-generated-Level-Tool by Blueprints that allows me to procedurally generate a Level but change, polish or fine-tweak it afterwards!
Therefore I need to spawn Blueprints in Realtime inside the Editor to be able to select them and change there values inside the details panel.

I know how to do it in Unity C# but I’d rather not. There are a couple threads around about Loopholes inside UE4 that allows spawning actors via Construction Script,
but unfortunatly they don’t work any longer.

specifically: When you select a Mesh or blueprint inside the Content Browser you can drag and drop it onto the viewport and it appears in the World Outliner and I can change it’s details panel.
Can I somehow automate this process with 10x10 objects to be at some position?!

Thank you for your time, I really need your help.