How to Spawn a New Character And Posses it Only On Client?

I make a Level To Support Player create or choise their character. In this Level, Player Client will spawn a Character ,And edit some values (Of course ,This values will send to Server Use Player Controller). So player controller need to Posses Character.
But Character cant Spawn at Server because Players is not only one. MultiPlayers Characters Will Overlap At the same location.This Character need like Widget or HMD, Only spawn on Owner Players Client. Not Others or Servers. But ,Function Posses is run on Server. if Server Dont Spawn Character ,the Posses will not work.
So Had Any Other Function Work On Client?

I’m referencing this here

You just want to make sure that wherever you’re calling spawn it’s only for the locally controlled character. Can check that in blueprints through IsLocallyControlled

You could do that in the player controller I believe