How to spawn a custom pawn on a client via a listen server?

Hi everyone,

How would I go about spawning a custom pawn for the client with its own controls (using a second gamepad) via a listen server? I have the setup of a listen server and client working fine but for some reason the character spawned for both the listen server and client are just a duplicate of the default pawn found in the GameMode blueprint. It would be nice to have the player on a listen server take control of the pawn specified in the GameMode blueprint, and the player on the client network to take control of the custom pawn (not a “duplicate” pawn).

Any help on how to do this would be very helpful, thank you!

idea is two players on same pc with different controls, both characters replicated over network, so two clients paying would end up with 4 characters on each screen, yes?

as a hint for it, i would recommend to work with game mod native functions, particular one is “spawn default pawn for”, press overwrite on functions tab in gamemode blueprint.

Thanks for your prompt response! Unfortunately I don’t think I made myself clear, or at least what the problem is I am trying to solve. Currently I have set up a multiplayer game where one person runs the UE4 build as a listen server on a desktop, and the other person runs the UE4 build on a client using a different desktop which connects to the listen server. The problem is, the pawns that spawn are exactly the same. What I want to do is change the pawn that spawns for the player on the client, but I am not sure how to do it. Based on what I have read in forums I need to start with an “Event Post Login” event but am not sure what else I need to do. Also, I don’t see a “spawn default pawn for” function even with context sensitive unchecked.